Long Time, No See

Well, well, well… fancy meeting your here. It has been a while since my last post and for some very good reasons. Maria and I have totally destroyed our yard. We hauled out 20 plus bags of nasty fake wood chips (yes, there is such a thing as fake would chips) and cut out some old bushes from the front too. We have the tree guy coming (hopefully soon) to get an old tree out of the backyard. We also have the last of our furniture coming this week! We are going to pick up the patio furniture midweek and the dining room is being delivered sometime Friday. Finally, we will be 85% settled. We still need to finish up painting the downstairs (I plead the 5th on the upstairs) and do a lot of electrical, but it has been so nice outside we thought we’d conquer some outdoor projects next. You know, get 10 things started at once 🙂