Behind the Scenes Changes

Well, as you can see, Maria has been busy posting photos and writing entries on the site. But, what you don’t see are the changes I have been making (and that’s good 🙂 ). I have updated the site to the latest and greatest versions of software, so please let me know if you come across anything that is broken. I also prepped the site for a new video section, so keep your eye on that page. I’ll be updating that page as soon as I have some time to make/upload the videos (sometime in 2014…).


This is an “offline” test…

Wow, this is soooo cool! I am entering a blog post WITHOUT even visiting!

If you are a Mac OS X 10.4 user (and you should be), check out the WordPressDash widget. Publish your posts without ever opening a web browser. Great for getting those ideas down on “paper” fast!

Well, that’s it for now!

Upgrade Alert

Hi Everyone. Well, rather than working on the house, I have upgrade the core technology of the site instead 🙂 Now, I am running on the latest version of wordpress. This should allow me to do some nifty things, like completely static pages and a custom theme switcher. Other than that, little has changed around here except the few changes I made to the default “designer” template. I hope to pick a few I like and decide on a “default” one soon, but will also keep a few nifty ones that others can choose from. Ether way, I hope to have the photos section better incorporated into the site design really soon.

Update: I just completed the directory move and now the theme switcher is working! We now have 6 total, but look for some more cool changes to the themes soon…

Is this thing on?

Hello everyone! Boy, this is exciting news for me! I have finally gotten around to launching a very nice personal site, complete with a ton of photos! I am really glad that Maria and I are going to be able to share some of our exciting and fun times with all of our family and friends, where ever they may be.

Even though the site is up, there will still be some changes down the pipe:

  • Further customizations to the main layout
  • Better integration of the photos section
  • Expanded content
  • And much more…

All of this will take some time, but should look really nice once it is completed. Hope you all enjoy!