My pretty New Laundry Room???!

Hi again,
Another 10 hr work day yesterday, and look at the result! So much work in the laundry room, and the main room is finished! The fireplace frame is in, and scheduled to be installed Wed the 28th of Nov! YIPPIE! Awesome work and a big thank you! Here is a picture of peanut I just took, I love how she loves her babies 🙂 just like her mommy.


My Pretty New Basement……

It’s an inside joke. Mike always laughs because that is how I always start taping on the camcorder…”Look at my pretty new basement”……Well look at it!! This project started in February of this year, as you can tell by my expanded waistline. We knew it would be slow goings with the birth of a baby, but look at all the progress that has been made. Mike has worked so hard on this project, and just look at it now. We spent about 4 hrs on Friday night, all day Saturday, like 12+ hrs, and about 7 hours on Sunday drywalling. The ceiling and 3 walls in the main room are completely finished! It was an exhausting weekend. Thank you so much to all who helped drywall, watch peanut, and keep our spirits up. Sunday is going to be another long work day, but hopefully we can finish up the main room and get our fireplace installed. We’ll keep you posted!

Behind the Scenes Changes

Well, as you can see, Maria has been busy posting photos and writing entries on the site. But, what you don’t see are the changes I have been making (and that’s good 🙂 ). I have updated the site to the latest and greatest versions of software, so please let me know if you come across anything that is broken. I also prepped the site for a new video section, so keep your eye on that page. I’ll be updating that page as soon as I have some time to make/upload the videos (sometime in 2014…).

A pretty new smile…..

Happy November! It has come in with quite a rude awakening. We had snow flakes here yesterday. Wanted to post some recent pictures of our “little bear.” Isabella is getting big, and more adorable everyday. She went to her first birthday party last week, and had a great time with all the other little kids. As you can tell she has a new face she makes when the camera comes out. It is too precious. We are looking forward to the busy holiday season. Hope everything is well.