Oh Happy Day!

What a time we’ve had here since I wrote last. The basement is getting closer to completion everyday. The carpenter has worked very hard the last 4 days, and we’ve put in some long hours as well. We have a ton to finish up, but the carpet is getting installed this Thursday. It is such a dream, it looks beautiful, and Mike and I smile knowing the hard work is about to be enjoyed. I have to run, my lil bear isn’t sleeping, but I will take and post some pictures hopefully yet today! Hope everyone is well!


White February!

Hey all,
We got blasted yesterday with 13 plus inches of snow. The banks on the sides of the driveway are as tall as I am! Isabella helped me shovel twice yesterday and we went for two sled rides. She loves that sled! There is so much to tell I don’t even know where to begin…..The basement is really coming along. The laundry room is done except for the trim and finish work (cabinets, lighting etc). The painting is all done and the floor is in. It looks beautiful and is just a dream come true. The family room is 90% painted. I have some touching up to do today and we need to finish the stairway, then the tape can come down! Over 5 gallons of paint later, it does look pretty nice. I’d love to show you a picture, but my camera is hanging out in Stevens Point land, as I left it there weeks ago and haven’t been able to get it yet. It is a nice hot chocolate color. It’s been a P in the A to paint it all, let’s just put it that way. Isabella is getting into everything, walking with cabinets, walls, and anything she can walk along really. Eventually she’ll let go. She is sleeping now, she only naps once a day, and has for awhile now. She is growing like a weed and doing well. I’ll post pics when I can. Hopefully we’ll be done with the basement soon!