Behind the Scenes Changes

Well, as you can see, Maria has been busy posting photos and writing entries on the site. But, what you don’t see are the changes I have been making (and that’s good 🙂 ). I have updated the site to the latest and greatest versions of software, so please let me know if you come across anything that is broken. I also prepped the site for a new video section, so keep your eye on that page. I’ll be updating that page as soon as I have some time to make/upload the videos (sometime in 2014…).


One thought on “Behind the Scenes Changes

  1. Mom V

    Dude! I’ll be old by then!! Thanks for keeping the website in such good working order. Love seeing our girl’s pictures!! Hope to see you all sometime this weekend. That would be the best birthday present, besides Dad growing his mustache back ;), that I could get!! Love you all!

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