Happy Almost Christmas!

It has been a very busy last couple of weeks at our house. Isabella is almost crawling, scooting everywhere, pulling herself up, and today pushed her piano and walked across the family room! I couldn’t believe it. She was so excited 🙂 She got her 2 front bottom teeth up a week or so before Thanksgiving, and now since Monday has her first cold. She is doing a little better I think. You can see by these pictures that I am getting nothing done during the day as our little worm explores the world. We set up her pack and play, and it is Isabella’s little house. She enjoys it immensely. She had a great Thanksgiving and loved getting the lights on the tree with Mike and I. I think she is going to love Christmas just like her mom. There are new pics in the 8 and 9 month picture categories. The fireplace is in, but I don’t have any pics taken yet. Enjoy!


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