Almost May

Just wanted to give a quick life update from our end. We have cycled through the cold/cough bug that has been going around, and we’ve had germs in the house going on 3 weeks now. Mike is pulling up the rear of getting everyone healthy again! Isabella is growing up so quickly. She loves to read now and is blabbering all the time. She says a few new words, cup and book I think are the latest. She has gotten 2 new teeth in the past weeks, and the 5th one is about to poke through any day. She LOVES being outside and isn’t happy when it’s time to come in. She is a true explorer and I’m wishing everyday we had a fenced in back yard. Mike and I are the same, busy working and passing the torch of parenting in the middle of the day. We are so looking forward to summer and being outside and getting some time away!! Hope everyone is well. Keep in touch! I added some new pics in the April 2008 category.


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