July, July

Oh my goodness, where to start….well happy late 4th first of all. We have been so busy landscaping, I have totally neglected my web responsibilities. June was a busy and fun month for us. We took Isabella to the zoo, and had our annual Wescott/Budde family party at the Kahlahari. Everyone had a great time as you can see by the pictures. Isabella went from scared of the water, to spending hours in it at a time. Thanks to Aunt B for all the fun! Isabella is 16 months old now. She loves to play and always has a cheesy face for the camera. Her hair is getting long and in ponytails now, which is too cute. Mike and I are surviving the backyard landscape debacle. Praise the Lord if the plants live and we ever finish getting rocks and hauling dirt. Summer is flying by, which is so sad for me, I pray it slows down. Enjoy the pics, hope everyone is well!


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