Catch up day….

Hi! I finally got a chance to post some pics from July and August. So far they have been very busy months for us. In July, Isabella discovered how much she loved her pool, and by now she’s kind of over it. Mike stood up in Patrick’s wedding in Milwaukee on the 19th. We had a great time! I even went to 2 weddings in the same day, craziness. August has brought about deck demo, (pics to come later), and fair fun! Summer is going way too fast. My friend Courtney took our pictures last weekend, I hope to see them soon, and can post the link for everyone to enjoy. My poor little girl is getting teeth like mad, and is not a happy kid. I hope it passes soon. Isabella is getting bigger and more adventurous everyday. We are heading to Grandma and Papa’s early next week for a visit, I FINALLY have a stretch off from work so that we can get away. Unfortunately we have to leave dad here to work, but hopefully he can get a little rest while we are gone. I’m going to go and try to win some deck money at the casino 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer. We are tentatively planning a Fall party this year, because our annual summer party has gotten away from us. More details to follow, hopefully we can all enjoy the new deck! Love to all! Maria


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