Alone at Night with the Crazies

30 Nov

It seems crazy how life takes twists and turns. I sit here in the dark, rocking my snoring son Noah to sleep for the fifth time tonight. Thoughts race through my head on how life was and how it might be in the future. It’s sometimes hard to stay grounded in the present, without drifting too far in the past or looking ahead to the future, but my kids do that for me. My crazies keep me grounded and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I forgot about this thing!

10 Dec

Hi all!
I hate to admit it, but I’ve been facebook plagued lately and forgot to update our lovely website. Life is great here in Madison, well minus the cold and snow. We are enjoying spending the winter in our beautiful new basement, gas fireplace and all. Isabella is 21 months old now, talking a lot, and adorable as ever. We are blessed and hoping to add another addition to the family in the upcoming year! This time of year I am always reminded of how fortunate I am to have a job I love, a beautiful daughter, and a truly amazing husband. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a blessed 2009!

Catch up day….

21 Aug

Hi! I finally got a chance to post some pics from July and August. So far they have been very busy months for us. In July, Isabella discovered how much she loved her pool, and by now she’s kind of over it. Mike stood up in Patrick’s wedding in Milwaukee on the 19th. We had a great time! I even went to 2 weddings in the same day, craziness. August has brought about deck demo, (pics to come later), and fair fun! Summer is going way too fast. My friend Courtney took our pictures last weekend, I hope to see them soon, and can post the link for everyone to enjoy. My poor little girl is getting teeth like mad, and is not a happy kid. I hope it passes soon. Isabella is getting bigger and more adventurous everyday. We are heading to Grandma and Papa’s early next week for a visit, I FINALLY have a stretch off from work so that we can get away. Unfortunately we have to leave dad here to work, but hopefully he can get a little rest while we are gone. I’m going to go and try to win some deck money at the casino 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer. We are tentatively planning a Fall party this year, because our annual summer party has gotten away from us. More details to follow, hopefully we can all enjoy the new deck! Love to all! Maria

July, July

9 Jul

Oh my goodness, where to start….well happy late 4th first of all. We have been so busy landscaping, I have totally neglected my web responsibilities. June was a busy and fun month for us. We took Isabella to the zoo, and had our annual Wescott/Budde family party at the Kahlahari. Everyone had a great time as you can see by the pictures. Isabella went from scared of the water, to spending hours in it at a time. Thanks to Aunt B for all the fun! Isabella is 16 months old now. She loves to play and always has a cheesy face for the camera. Her hair is getting long and in ponytails now, which is too cute. Mike and I are surviving the backyard landscape debacle. Praise the Lord if the plants live and we ever finish getting rocks and hauling dirt. Summer is flying by, which is so sad for me, I pray it slows down. Enjoy the pics, hope everyone is well!

Happy June…almost

28 May

Hi all!
I looked at pics the other night and realized I needed to add some new ones. There are a few new basement pics in the remodel folder, and new pics of Isabella and our lovely yard work are in the May 2008 category. Lots of changes coming for us…our front birch tree is getting cut down tonight, and our basement furniture is coming tomorrow!!! Fun new changes. We have been busy making flower beds and watching things grow outside. All in all we are great and so glad it is finally warm out. Enjoy the pics of peanut, she is such a joy and so fun to be with. She’s our little helper, laundry, outdoor chores, she loves to “help”. Hope everyone is well. Love to all.

Almost May

29 Apr

Just wanted to give a quick life update from our end. We have cycled through the cold/cough bug that has been going around, and we’ve had germs in the house going on 3 weeks now. Mike is pulling up the rear of getting everyone healthy again! Isabella is growing up so quickly. She loves to read now and is blabbering all the time. She says a few new words, cup and book I think are the latest. She has gotten 2 new teeth in the past weeks, and the 5th one is about to poke through any day. She LOVES being outside and isn’t happy when it’s time to come in. She is a true explorer and I’m wishing everyday we had a fenced in back yard. Mike and I are the same, busy working and passing the torch of parenting in the middle of the day. We are so looking forward to summer and being outside and getting some time away!! Hope everyone is well. Keep in touch! I added some new pics in the April 2008 category.

Happy April!

9 Apr

Hi all,
Just wanted to say hi and that I added a few pics to her 12 month ones, and some new ones in the basement remodel. We are still working, but almost finished, yea, I’ve been saying that for awhile. Winter won’t seem to go away here. We are more than ready for summer! Isabella is walking laps around the first floor, she loves to be a big kid, and she is into EVERYTHING!!! It’s amazing we get anything done around here. Love to all, enjoy the pics.